dotnet watch fixie


Benchmarking Parsley's Span<T> Upgrade

Correcting My Confidently Incorrect Span<T> Model

Detecting My Confidently Incorrect Span<T> Model

The Confidently Incorrect Mental Model


Don't Chase the Warning!

Meaningful Test Coverage


Nullable Reference Types in Entity Framework


Tiny Steps: Creating Fixie 2.0

Powerful Integration Testing


Fixie Turns 1!


Listening to Leaves

Fixie XML Reports


Nailing Down Generics

The Feature I Almost Skipped

Time, Black Holes, and Console Capture

Listen Up!

Fail Loudly

Generating Test Cases at Runtime


What's in a Name?

A Swiss Army Katana

Test Execution Order

Shufflin' Ain't Sortin'

Austin Code Camp 2013

Tiny Nudges in the General Direction of Success

The Leakiest Abstraction

No, Seriously. Don't Repeat Yourself.

Fixie's Elevator Pitch

By Your Command (Line)

Dynamic Test Discovery

When Writing C#, Use C#

Streamlined Integration Tests

DRY Test Inheritance

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Fixie's Life Bicycle

Test Discovery

Enabling Change

"Just" is a Four Letter Word

The Boiling Backlog

Cutting Scope

Isolating Execution


Leaky Abstractions Rot Code


Socks, *then* Shoes

Strongly Typed Whiteboarding

Insufficiently Round Wheels


The Debugger Must Be Broken!

From Imperative to Declarative

Composable Operations

Whittling Parsley

Whittling NUnit

Whittling xUnit

Whittling Rhino Licensing

Code Whittling


The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Calm-Driven Development

Lean Lambdas

The Solution is Never Inheritance

The Cobra Effect

Take a DIP to get DRY

Mentorship and Pie Potential

Avoid Mutation by Default

Ain't Any Is All Ain't

Memory Management

The Defensive ToArray

A Game of Throws

Bugs of Omission

Low-Ceremony xUnit

Seamless Audit Trails in RavenDB

A C# Feature that Shocks the Conscience

Quashing Incidental Complexity

Detect, Reflect, Decomplect

Primitive Obsession

Spaghetti alla Code

Scope Creep

Identifying Incidental Complexity

Essential vs Incidental Complexity

Meta-Yak Shaving

Anonymous Function Arguments

Loops Obfuscate

Public, Private, Super-Private

Austin Code Camp Presentation

Overloading on Return Types

Dependency by Required Coincidence

Building a Language

A Bidirectional Heisenbug

Dependency Injection Ceremony

Delegate Frustration

Architecture Resists Change

From WebForms to MVC

Escape Analysis

Finding Closure

Detached HEAD State

Branching: Subversion vs Git

Am I not dead? Commit.

Hey TFS, git out of my way!

Join the Polyglots!

Early Experiences with Unit Testing

Refactoring Pong

ToString, or not ToString


Infinite Laziness

Polaroid Mutation

Clojure's World View

Cargo Cult Programming

Opening the Black Box

Guard Rail Programming

Recognizing Covariance Issues in Your Code

Seamless Delegate Type Casting

Seamless Generic Type Casting

Array Covariance in C#

You could have invented lambda expressions

The Compiler's Treatment of LINQ Syntax

Powershell and Calling External Executables

Avoiding "ON ERROR RESUME NEXT" when Using Powershell

PowerShell and the Principle of Most Astonishment